Introducing the Ultimate Website Solution for Fitpros: Odin Fitpro

Are you a dedicated Fitpro looking to book out all of your personal training time slots?

You don’t want to struggle with website tech headaches?

You don’t have thousands of pounds to invest in getting a website setup for your business!

For just £99 setup fee then just £15 a month Odin Fitpro can help you fill your PT bookings.

Three Simple Steps To A Fully Booked Calendar


We Give You A Simple Task List

We give you a form with prompts to help write the perfect copy to book out your calendar, and how to pick the perfect imagery.


We Deploy Your Content In 48 Hours

Once you’ve filled in the form and submitted the imagery we will set up the website for you in 48 hours so there are no technical headaches for you.


You Get Bookings

The website goes live and we help you to promote yourself and get your calendar fully booked.

You’re just starting out on your fitness journey. Remove the headache of building a website and technical problems by investing in an Odin Fitpro Starter Website.

Don’t struggle to find investment in a full website you don’t need when starting out in your personal trainer business. 

Why Odin Fitpro?

Why is Odin Agency perfect for your fitness business? We simply answer this below.

Quick and Easy Setup

Odin Fitpro streamlines the website creation process, enabling personal trainers to have their site up and running in just 48 hours, without any technical expertise required.

Cost-Effective Strategy

With a low initial setup fee and a manageable monthly hosting cost, personal trainers can establish a professional online presence without a significant financial investment.

Scalable Digital Growth

As your fitness business flourishes, Odin Fitpro grows with you. Our platform is designed to support your expanding needs, allowing you to effortlessly add new services, features, and content. Ensuring that your online presence remains as dynamic and robust as your growing client base.

Some of Odin Agency’s Clients

Lucy Gaitskell

Rolcor Property

“The service we have received has been amazing. Odin Agency have been helping us to design our new website and we are extremely happy! The service we have received has been amazing, Michael has worked on an initial design that we liked but we have also added changes based on his experience and knowledge.

We purchased a package with him which has been great value for money but also reassuring to know we have that ongoing support needed for any small business that is trying to grow.

Michael is a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Phill Thomson

Gorilla Freak

“The problems I used to come up against are now solved in minutes, not days. Firstly, Odin Agency’s work has helped me rank on the 1st page of Google for a specific search term, despite not making that specific page accessible through the website. It’s laid out well, looks nice, works to collect new leads and loads up in seconds.

Ultimately building the website on my own was always a mammoth task, which I’ve done in the past, mainly because I couldn’t get anyone I trusted. Big mistake really.

I had to spend hours researching, following youtube videos and decide on what plugins to use. And that took a tonne of time.

The amount of evenings I spent banging my head off the keyboard was crazy. I swear I aged 5 years!!”

Gurmare Singh

Tigerstyle Sports Karate

“Incredible Support
Odin Agency have been my web team for several years and the support is unrivaled. If I need anything changing or updating they action my requests really fast. The Website design is incredible and I am constantly getting compliments on the website and how professional it looks. This really helps to support my business and allows me to stand above the other clubs in the area.

I can absolutely recommend them to help you with growing your business as they have been me when I was running the club part time and have now been able to only work in the club not needing a part time job.”


Some of the most commonly asked questions about Odin Fitpro listed below.

What are the costs involved in setting up and maintaining my Odin Fitpro website?

The initial setup fee for the Odin Fitpro Starter Website is £99. After your site is launched, you will be charged a monthly hosting fee of £15. This fee ensures that your website remains operational, secure, and accessible to your clients.

Is there a long-term contract or can I cancel the service at any time?

There is no fixed-term contract for the Odin Fitpro service. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time if you decide the service is not right for you.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Can I get ongoing support for my website?

Certainly! If you require ongoing support for your website, we recommend signing up for an Odin Agency Website Care Plan, which provides more hands-on help. You can find more information and sign up here: Odin Agency Website Care Plan.

Will Odin Agency set up my website for me?

Yes, we handle the entire setup process of your website. We will use the content and imagery you provide to ensure that your site reflects your personal brand and is ready to go live within 48 hours of receiving your materials.

How fast will my website be ready to use?

Your website will be up and running in just 48 hours after you’ve submitted all necessary content and imagery. Our streamlined process is designed to get you online and booking clients as quickly as possible.

Why should I choose Odin Fitpro over a free web builder?

Odin Fitpro offers a tailored solution specifically designed for personal trainers, with features and templates that cater to the fitness industry. Unlike free web builders, our service includes hosting, technical support, and a quick turnaround time—all without requiring any technical knowledge from you. We also give you the platform to scale and grow from. You’ll be starting again if you end up using a free service.

Why is it important to have a website instead of relying solely on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram?

Having your own website adds credibility to your business, provides a central hub for all your services, and ensures you’re not solely dependent on algorithms and policies of social media platforms. It also offers better control over your brand, content, and the way you interact with your clients. And you can build your email list which you have full control over.

Odin Fitpro Starter Website

Perfect for Fitpros just starting out on their business journey.


Done For You One Page Website

Guidance Writing Website Content

Increase Personal Training Bookings

Then just £15 a month for website hosting.